Sharings Training Services Limited (STS) is the leading  service provider specialized in African drumming since 2004.

  STS delivers African drumming workshops for:

  。team building

  。harmony drum circle

  。family fun day

  。private parties / birthday parties

  。staff retreat programs


 STS delivers workshops and performance in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore.

      African Drumming is an emerging corporate training program in Asia.

      Reasons of choosing African Drumming are:

      (1) truly suitable throughout the seasons,

      (2) flexible scale of participants; 

      (3) can be held indoor or outdoor,

      (4) multi generations are able to whole-heartedly in a short time,

      (5) bring people in the rhythm, feel the power surging 

      (6) the most important is 100% fun.